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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Process Agent

07 Sep 2016
A process agent (which also goes by the names: agent for service of process, registered agent, registered agent for service of process or resident agent) in the UK is someone who is appointed to accept service of legal proceedings on behalf of their client. This ‘someone’ can also be an address, not an actual person. Although anyone can make use of the process agent service,... Read More About5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Process Agent »

By Paul Bentley

The Process Agent under English Law

12 Oct 2015
Innumerable contracts and legal documents are signed on a daily basis around the world. Many of these cite English law as being the governing law. In turn, any legal proceedings sought for breach of duties must be heard before the English courts. The reason that English law is selected is often a combination of reputation and transparency. The judiciary and legal profession in England is... Read More AboutThe Process Agent under English Law »

By Stefano Iacono

The importance of shareholders’ agreements

09 Mar 2015
When forming a company with business partners or friends in any jurisdiction it is vital to consider how the different parties will work together. While the parties may be getting along well during the early years of a joint venture this does not always last, and having the arrangements properly documented in a shareholders’ agreement can be invaluable in avoiding or resolving disputes.... Read More AboutThe importance of shareholders’ agreements »

By Philip Jacques

Does the “Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act” affect you?

13 Oct 2014
How FATCA applies to UK, BVI, Cyprus and Seychelles companies and trusts. Read More AboutDoes the “Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act” affect you? »

By Philip Jacques

UK: Service addresses and confidentiality for directors

15 Sep 2014
The Companies Act 2006 introduced a very useful mechanism by which a director can keep his residential address confidential. This is done by providing both a service address and a residential address to the Registrar. Only the service address will be publicly available; the residential address being included only on a secure register with access limited to certain public authorities and... Read More AboutUK: Service addresses and confidentiality for directors »

By Philip Jacques

Public register of beneficial owners for UK companies

19 Jun 2014
The UK Government’s current published thinking on the controversial public register of beneficial owners for UK companies  – which will create a new statutory definition of “ beneficial owner “ for  this purpose - focuses very much on the concept of  “ultimate controlling parties “ . For example: The proposed statutory definition of beneficial owner... Read More AboutPublic register of beneficial owners for UK companies »

By Martin Palmer
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