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Requirement to Correct: one last shot for your offshore matters and transfers to be in order

10 Feb 2017
The reporting of income or assets in UK tax returns relating to offshore matters will be under greater scrutiny by HMRC with the introduction of a harsher penalty regime. HMRC announced their plans for the under-reporting of UK tax assets outside the UK in December 2016, along with a final opportunity to make sure everything is in order, with the “Requirement to Correct” initiative. With... Read More AboutRequirement to Correct: one last shot for your offshore matters and transfers to be in order »

By Kate Saunders

Seychelles as a trust domicile

30 Sep 2014
Practioners in offshore tax planning and structuring arrangements should take note of the facilities Jordans Trust Company can offer in Seychelles.   With Russian CFC rules imminent and an increasing focus by high net worth clients in the African and Asian markets on succession planning, the ability of Jordans to provide trusts and foundations managed in Seychelles has... Read More AboutSeychelles as a trust domicile »

By Martin Palmer

The strength of personal relationships and the rule of law

03 Oct 2014
In many countries there is a cultural tendency to put greater trust in the strength of personal relationships than in relatively abstract concepts such as legal structures. It’s a preference expressed by many Asian ultra-high net worth individuals, to have their hard-won wealth held by a trusted friend in a secret, undocumented nomineeship, rather than by a legally robust structure such as a... Read More AboutThe strength of personal relationships and the rule of law »

By Martin Palmer

OECD Model Tax Convention : 2014 update

04 Aug 2014
Important developments are occurring in international tax law which owners of UK, Benelux , Cyprus, Hong Kong and Seychelles companies should be aware of.  Companies registered and tax resident in these territories are potential beneficiaries of their double tax treaty networks. Potential benefits of double tax treaties include : exemptions from foreign... Read More AboutOECD Model Tax Convention : 2014 update »

By Martin Palmer


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