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Seychelles Foundations – their nature and advantages

15 Sep 2016
Foundations are most easily visualised as a combination of a company and a trust. They are increasingly being used by UK citizens, particularly entrepreneurs, for wealth management purposes. Foundations have a separate legal personality and can therefore hold their own assets, contract with third parties and sue in their own name and in their own capacity. A foundation does... Read More AboutSeychelles Foundations – their nature and advantages »

By Philip Jacques

Jersey: amendments to Foundations Law

08 Apr 2015
On 17 March 2015, the Foundations (Amendment of Law)(Jersey) Regulations 2015 (the “ 2015 Regulations ”) came into force, amending the Foundations (Jersey) Law 2009 (the “ Law ”). The two main changes to the Law are: 1) The purposes of a Jersey purpose foundation can be described in either the charter or the regulations. As the charter is a publicly available document,... Read More AboutJersey: amendments to Foundations Law »

By Philip Jacques

Seychelles as a trust domicile

30 Sep 2014
Practioners in offshore tax planning and structuring arrangements should take note of the facilities Jordans Trust Company can offer in Seychelles.   With Russian CFC rules imminent and an increasing focus by high net worth clients in the African and Asian markets on succession planning, the ability of Jordans to provide trusts and foundations managed in Seychelles has... Read More AboutSeychelles as a trust domicile »

By Martin Palmer

Trust or Foundation: What's right for you?

30 Jun 2014
If you are considering ways to protect your assets or succession planning for the future, trusts and foundations are both valuable solutions.  But there are a number of similarities and important differences between both options so you need to find what’s right for you. Trusts have a long history in UK common law and have become much more sophisticated over time, while... Read More AboutTrust or Foundation: What's right for you? »

By Beth Lansdown


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