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Cyprus' Double Taxation Treaty Network Update

09 Nov 2015
Cyprus continues to expand its double taxation treaty network by signing its first ever treaty with Switzerland. Based on the OECD Model, the DTT offers a zero rate of withholding tax on interest and royalties (subject to anti-abuse provisions), with no withholding tax being levied on dividend payments under certain participation and beneficial ownership conditions. Having recently... Read More AboutCyprus' Double Taxation Treaty Network Update »

By Richard Melton

Seychelles and Jersey Sign a Double Tax Agreement

12 Aug 2015
To develop closer economic ties the government of Jersey and the Republic of Seychelles signed a Double Tax Agreement (DTA) on the 28 th of July 2015. The signing of the DTA is a considerable event for both administrations and comes as part of Jersey’s ongoing initiative to enhance its taxation and economic co-operation with other countries. Whilst for the Republic of Seychelles... Read More AboutSeychelles and Jersey Sign a Double Tax Agreement »

By Connie Clark

Cyprus Signs Double Taxation Treaty with Iran

06 Aug 2015
On Tuesday 5th August 2015, Cyprus and Iran signed a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation (DTT), opening the way for new investment opportunities and trade relations between the two countries. “Today, we have signed an agreement to avoid double taxation, which I am sure will open new opportunities, new avenues of co-operation, new investment prospects, and trade and... Read More AboutCyprus Signs Double Taxation Treaty with Iran »

By Richard Melton

Cyprus expands double tax treaty network

07 Jan 2015
Cyprus’ double tax treaty network has been expanded with three new agreements with Spain, Lithuania and Norway becoming effective as of January 1, 2015, boosting the island’s services sector which could be hit by Russia’s recent de-offshorisation measures. New treaties were also signed with Switzerland, Guernsey and Iceland in 2014, but these will only enter into force once both sides... Read More AboutCyprus expands double tax treaty network »

By Richard Melton

Six reasons why Cyprus is good for Royalty Companies

29 Aug 2014
Cyprus can be very attractive for establishing a royalty company thanks to its competitive local tax-regime , access to EU Directives and its impressive network of Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs). In January 2012, Cyprus introduced new rules on the taxation of income from intangible assets with a view to establishing itself as a primary choice jurisdiction for royalty holding... Read More AboutSix reasons why Cyprus is good for Royalty Companies »

By Richard Melton

3 reasons to choose Hong Kong for investing in mainland China

08 Aug 2014
If you want to invest in mainland China, Hong Kong offers plenty of advantages. It’s considered one of the best financial centres for business, because it has one of the world’s most flexible corporate governance regimes. There are 3 main advantages to using Hong Kong companies for investing in China: 1. Hong Kong’s Double Tax Agreement (DTA) with China Hong Kong has... Read More About3 reasons to choose Hong Kong for investing in mainland China »

By Stefano Iacono
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