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BVI Companies and Succession Planning

12 May 2015
BVI companies have been very popular since the mid-1980’s, and are well-known for their ease of administration but one area which can prove costly and cumbersome is what happens when a shareholder dies. With many beneficial owners reaching advanced years it is certainly worth considering what will happen to a shareholder’s assets on his death. Grant of Probate / Letters of... Read More AboutBVI Companies and Succession Planning »

By Amy Roost

I no longer need my BVI company: Strike Off or Liquidation

25 Mar 2015
I no longer need my BVI company: Strike Off or Liquidation?   BVI companies are often transactional, and there comes a point in time when the com¬pany is not needed any more.    When you no longer require your BVI company you have two options:    1. The company can be left to be struck off – strike off is automatic and free of charge. The... Read More AboutI no longer need my BVI company: Strike Off or Liquidation »

By Amy Roost

Five reasons to use VISTA Trusts

13 Feb 2015
A trust is based on the separation of the legal ownership of trust assets (which is left with the trustees) with the beneficial or equitable ownership (which remains with the beneficiaries).  The general administration of the trust is conducted by the trustee and not the settlor or the beneficiaries. The main characteristic of a VISTA trust is that the general administration... Read More AboutFive reasons to use VISTA Trusts »

By Carolina Lacerda

Trust or Foundation: What's right for you?

30 Jun 2014
If you are considering ways to protect your assets or succession planning for the future, trusts and foundations are both valuable solutions.  But there are a number of similarities and important differences between both options so you need to find what’s right for you. Trusts have a long history in UK common law and have become much more sophisticated over time, while... Read More AboutTrust or Foundation: What's right for you? »

By Beth Lansdown


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