What is a Process Agent appointment letter?

Set out below is the purpose of a Process Agent appointment letter

What is a Process Agent appointment letter?

A Process Agent letter is a document which confirms the relationship between the appointing party and the Process Agent.

A Process Agent is usually required when a party enters into a legal document governed by the law of a jurisdiction in which the appointing party does not have a presence e.g. an English law contract entered into by an offshore company. The Process Agent will provide an address to the appointing party which can be entered into the legal document and used by the other parties to service notice of legal proceedings or notice of arbitration. Should any notices be received then the Process Agent will forward them to the appointing party.

The letter is evidence which can be provided to the other contracting parties which stipulates the names of the Process Agent and appointing party, the address to which notice can be served and the legal documents to which the Process Agent has agreed to act upon. The Process Agent appointment letter is therefore an essential document that is often required prior to the execution of legal documents.

The dedicated Process Agent Team at Jordans Trust Company Limited produces appointment letters as part of our Process Agent Service. We will send both electronic copies and hard copies to ensure that the signing of legal documents is not delayed.

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