How to complete your order

Complete your order form easily by following our guide to each section. Taking a few moments to read the guide means you'll be able to complete the form without a hitch, and we'll be able to process your order fast.


Who should I put in as the appointor?

The appointor is the entity or individual for whom we should be acting as process agent. The appointor may be the same as the contact, instructing party or invoicing party, but this is not necessarily the case.

Who should I put in as the contact?

The contact should be the person or persons to that we should contact if we receive any legal notices on your behalf. We would prefer a named individual and full contact details to avoid any delays in making contact.

Who is the instructing party?

The instructing party is often the same as the appointor. But in case the appointor has a third party (such as a solicitor) who has been dealing with Jordans on their behalf, these details should be entered here.

Are we liable for VAT?

VAT is chargeable for any company based within the EU. If VAT has been paid locally and you can provide us with a VAT number, this will not be charged again by Jordans. Outside of the EU, VAT does not apply.

What are the "legal documents" referred to in section 6 of the order form?"

These are the documents or agreements to which the service relates. Common examples are ISDA's Shares Purchase Agreements or Facility Agreements. In other words this section is for you to tell us about the agreement you are entering into that necessitates the appointment of a process agent.

The agreement isn't finalised yet, what can I put in the "date" box?

We do need a date of some description here, but it can be very vague. A month and year is acceptable, or else the format "on or around" may be used.

There isn't room on the form for all the details of my agreement(s). What can I do?

If the space on the form is too small, please feel free to attach an additional page, or else give us the details in the body of the email to which you attach the form when sending it back to us. As long as the details are clear, we will work with whatever is most convenient for you.

What is the difference between annual and fixed term service?

Annual service is ideal if you are unsure how long your agreement is going to last. It is a rolling contract and we will simply send you a new invoice each year upon the anniversary of the facility until you ask us to cancel.

A fixed term contract runs until a fixed date predetermined by you. The whole of the fee is paid up front, but you will not be charged again unless you ask us to provide any further services. This option is very good value if you have a contract that you know will last for several years. Please see our fee schedule for further details.

Do I need the arbitration service?

Arbitration service is necessary if any legal notices you receive are likely to be in respect of arbitration proceedings. This is a separate service to the legal proceedings service and is charged separately.

Who needs to sign the form?

The order form is our contract and should therefore be signed by somebody with the legal authority to sign on behalf of their company. The signatory should be a representative of the entity or individual who will be responsible for paying the fee. In other words, it should be somebody who can legally sign for the invoicing party. It would be helpful if you could print your name below your signature, so that we can establish who has signed the form.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Please feel free to email us at  or call us on 0117 918 1407 and we will be happy to help in any way we can.



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