The state visit of President Xi Jingping

Our Business Development Director John Swann attended a panel discussion organised by the Chopsticks Club on the impact of the state visit of President Xi Jingping, held at the offices of BNY Mellon in London.

The state visit heralds a new golden age of China-UK relations and the panellists included representatives from the financial, investment, consumer and tourism industries. All agreed that there is no doubt that the visit and accompanying media coverage in China will significantly augment Chinese interest in the United Kingdom, ranging from major investment programmes and immigration to the partaking of fish and chips in English pubs.

Forthcoming improvements to the UK visa process for Chinese visitors will enable the UK to be realistically added to European travel itineraries. The combined effect of all this will be to enable more UK companies with an interest in the China market to "feast from the banquet of opportunities" that has presented itself.

 John Swann

John Swann

Director, Business Development
T: +44 (0)117 918 1427


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