Orietta Bergamo

Professional Client Services Manager

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20-22 Bedford Row
London, WC1R 4JS

Orietta Bergamo

Orietta joined Jordans in September 2016 after working in commercial legal services for 2 years.

Based in our London office, Orietta is available to meet with clients visiting who wish to create new structures or provide due diligence for current assignments.

Orietta works with a wide range of clients including international entrepreneurs, law firms and accounting firms and assists them throughout the process of incorporating new UK and overseas companies.  Highly client focused, she listens carefully to what clients require  and, drawing on her legal background, quickly identifies the best company structures and solutions.

Orietta is also very active in attending conferences and events, in order to remain up to date with new business regulations and build client relationships.

Orietta is an Italian Law Masters graduate and holds an ICA certificate in financial compliance.

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