Holding Shares

Uses of Seychelles Foundations: to hold shares in companies to divest specific individuals from any control of companies that report on "controlling parties" under IFRS.

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Companies in Europe and the OECD countries are nowadays subject to much greater "transparency" requirements than in the past.  On the other hand, all individuals have fundamental rights to privacy and confidentiality.  It is possible to balance these competing  interests with appropriate structuring. 

Mr X wishes to acquire shares in a large private company in the EU but wishes to keep his majority stake in this profitable company confidential (Mr X and his family are resident in a country where respect for human rights by its government has been called into question, and furthermore it is a country where wealthy businessmen and their children have been kidnapped and ransomed).
Without the use of the Seychelles Foundation, Mr X's name must be disclosed in the company's audited accounts as the "ultimate controlling party".
However, the Seychelles Foundation is given full ownership of the shares, and becomes the parent company.  The Foundation has no owners or shareholders, and Mr X is a mere beneficiary of the foundation, and does not sit on the management Council of the foundation or exercise any kind of voting or decision-making powers concerning the foundation.
However the Protector of the foundation ensures that the Council acts at all times in the best interests of Mr X.
The Seychelles foundation in this example is the parent company and ultimate beneficial owner  of the shares of the investee company.  It is the Seychelles foundation itself which is disclosed under IFRS in the investee company accounts as the "ultimate controlling party".

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