Seychelles Foundations

The Seychelles foundation offers a more transparent and modern wealth-holding alternative to the trust. It is particularly interesting for the private clients resident in jurisdictions where the concept of the Anglo-Saxon trust is unknown. Foundations are bodies corporate – in effect companies without shareholders. A foundation focuses on the needs of the founder. The beneficiaries of the foundation lack the rights or protection of beneficiaries of trusts – unless the founder wishes to provide otherwise. The regulations of the foundation are contractual, unlike the equitable obligations which underlie the trust.

Jordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Commission. 

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Holding Assets

Seychelles Foundations can be used to hold assets "off balance sheet".

Owning Private Trust Companies

Seychelles Foundations can be used to hold shares in companies to protect specific individuals from disclosure as "ultimate controlling parties" under IFRS.

Tax Planning

Seychelles Foundations can be used to function as a succession planning vehicle.

Holding Shares

Seychelles Foundations can be used to own family "private trust companies".

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