Protection from disclosure

Jersey foundations are in a real sense hybrid vehicles. They are bodies corporate without shareholder or "owners". Therefore they are "self-orphaned" legal entities, ideal for a variety of international transactions and arrangements.

Uses of Jersey Foundations: To consolidate the ownership of substantial groups of companies.

Companies in Europe and the OECD countries are nowadays subject to much greater "transparency" requirements than in the past.  On the other hand, all individuals have fundamental rights to privacy and confidentiality.  It is possible to balance these competing interests with appropriate structuring.
The Jersey Foundation in this example is the parent company and ultimate beneficial owner of the shares of the investee company. The Jersey Foundation is the ultimate controlling party under IFRS in the investee company's accounts.  As neither Mr X nor his family have any membership of nor constitutional control of the foundation if Mr X and his family are not controlling parties of the UK or other EU company, they may not have to be disclosed in the EU company's published accounts.

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