Trusts and Foundations

Jordans Trust Company is experienced in forming Trusts and Foundations, and providing the ongoing support to maintain them. We are able to provide UK and Seychelles Trusts, and can provide guidance on options for setting up Jersey Trusts. In the British Virgin Islands we establish and act as trustees on VISTA trusts (Virgin Islands Special Trust Acts). We are also able to establish offshore Foundations in the Seychelles and advise on Jersey options.

In providing these services, Jordans Trust Company Limited ensures it never has conflicts of interest, and always acts in the best interest of beneficiaries and founders, offering the highest level of professional support.


Jersey Trusts

Jersey is one of the world's leading trust jurisdictions.  It is modern trust legislation and extensive expertise in trusts make Jersey a perfect location to establish a trust.

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UK Trusts

The "trust" concept originates from the UK hundreds of years ago.  Since then, UK trusts have developed into a sophisticated model followed by offshore jurisdictions.

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Cyprus Trusts

There are many situations where Cyprus Trusts can prove advantageous for example when EU and EEA citizens transfer of cash and other assets to Cyprus trustees may be protected from onshore taxation by the free movement of capital, guaranteed by the European Treaty.

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Seychelles Trusts

The Seychelles is yet another jurisdiction which has modified itself into an international trust centre.  The trust legislation in the Seychelles means that trusts established there provide strong asset protection benefits. 

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BVI Vista Trusts

Known as the "VISTA", this unique type of trust offers a solution for those who require the benefits of the trust, but still wish to be actively involved in the management of the trust assets.

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Jersey Foundations

A Jersey foundation has some of the characteristics of both companies and trusts and may be established for such purposes as succession planning, as a vehicle for philanthropic purposes, to hold 'family' or wasting assets and for other purposes. .

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Seychelles Foundations

The flexibility of the Seychelles Foundation makes it an ideal entity to carry out private purposes such as family succession/estate planning and asset protection.

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