Cross Border Transactions

Jordans can provide international tax planning advice concerning cross-border arrangements involving UK companies owned by UK resident and non-UK-resident clients. We frequently work with or on behalf of the clients own tax advisors.

This is a narrow field but our expertise runs deep.

Recent cases we have advised on include:

  • Applicability of UK corporation tax exemption to a UK company receiving income from a usufruct of shares.
  • Use of the Permanent Establishment article of the Cyprus/Egyptian Double Tax Treaty to protect Cyprus company trading income from Egyptian tax.
  • Structuring a non-resident UK limited partnership to ensure confidentiality of financial information whilst preserving the corporate status of the general partners.
  • Advice on the capital gains tax article of the UK/Hong Kong double taxation convention on behalf of a UK resident but non-UK-domicled shareholder of a Hong Kong Company.
  • Advice on the UK tax exposure of, a UK LLP, all of whose members were non-UK-residents, for an international trade.
  • Advice to Jersey trustees concerning the impact of the Administration Cooperation Directive 2011/16/EU.
  • Advice on tax migration of a UK company to Malta.


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