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Jordans Trust Company provides tax, accounting and legal support to its UK and Offshore corporate and trust structures as well as tax planning advice.

International tax planning is a useful generic label, but is strictly speaking a misnomer as there is no international tax.

So what is international tax planning?

International tax planning is a lawful, legitimate activity that seeks to:

a) minimise the risks of international double or multiple taxation on the same income

b) recognise the territorial limits or boundaries of a given national tax jurisdiction

The pursuit of these two goals may involve the creation of offshore companies. An offshore company should be defined as a company that offers competitive tax rates on its economic activities.

Therefore an Offshore Company may not necessarily be a British Virgin Islands or Jersey company, but a UK company, or a Netherlands or Cyprus company.

Many offshore companies are nowadays incorporated in countries not commonly regarded as offshore centres in order to benefit from double taxation treaties or European Directives to mitigate or eliminate double taxation.

Jordans Trust Company's International Tax Planning Services include:

  • Advice on the uses and benefits of double taxation treaties (eg to reduce withholding taxes or other taxes).
  • Advice on the uses and benefits of the European Directives to reduce withholding and other taxes including the Parent / Subsidiary Directive and the Interest and Royalties Directive.
  • Advice on the uses of UK companies and partnerships in International Tax Planning e.g.

    - use of UK Holding Companies to benefit from the foreign dividend exemption rules introduce in 2009.
    - use of UK Holding companies to benefit from the substantial shareholder CGT exemption introduced in 2002.
    - minimising or eliminating non-UK withholding taxes.
    - use of UK limited partnerships and UK limited liability partnerships in International tax planning.
  • Advice on the structuring of offshore companies and trusts and appropriate jurisdiction selection.
  • Advice on targeted and general anti-avoidance rules.

If you have a need for International tax planning advice please contact us.

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