UK Company Registration

With UK corporation tax rates falling to 17% by 2020, the UK company is an attractive legal vehicle for the tax-efficient conduct of UK and international business. From our UK office we provide a full range of services including UK company formation and administration, UK director services, accounting services, and UK tax services.

Transferring UK companies to Jordans

Stay in control and up-to-date. Let us handle the administration of your client companies and we'll help you meet all your challenges.

Transfer your UK company

Download our questionnaire to start your company incorporation now or complete our enquiry form to ask us for more information. With low corporate tax rates and with the UK having one of the widest networks of double tax treaties in the world, there are many benefits to forming a UK company.

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Dividend Exemption

The vast majority of dividends received by UK companies from foreign-registered subsidiary companies are, since 1st July 2009, exempt from UK corporation tax. That is the default assumption.

UK Trading income

With appropriate planning and circumstances, it is possible to receive foreign trading income in a UK Company at low or no UK tax cost, utilising UK double taxation conventions or the UK's unilateral relief rules.

UK Capital Gains

With appropriate planning and circumstances it is possible to realise capital gains arising from non-UK company shares free of UK corporation tax using a UK holding company.

Overseas Royalties

UK Companies can be used to receive overseas royalties tax efficiently.

Overseas interest

UK Companies can be used to receive overseas interest tax efficiently.

Director Services

We can provide reliable and sound in-house director services for your UK company. It is important to understand that our director services are not "nomineeships". In order to provide director services to a UK company, we insist on a full understanding of the company, its assets and on authorising and controlling the implementation of the company's activities.

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