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We are experts in creating and managing UK and Offshore companies and trusts. We're always here to help. We can offer advice on the UK and international tax consequences of using UK and offshore companies.

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Incorporation of UK Companies

With UK corporation tax now only 19% and scheduled to fall to 17% by 1 April 2020, the UK company is an attractive vehicle for tax-efficient international business, as well as the prime domestic trading vehicle for UK resident and non-UK resident persons willing to trade in the UK. From our UK office we provide a full range of services including UK company formation and administration, UK director services, accounting services, and UK tax services.

We can incorporate UK companies in just a few hours for urgent cases. We offer equally rapid incorporation services for offshore companies in a number of jurisdictions. We also incorporate UK LLP's and we register UK limited partnerships.

For advice on UK company formation or initial guidance on any of our services please complete the enquiry form and one of our Corporate & Trust Planning Consultants will contact you.

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Other services from our UK office

Company Secretarial Services. Jordans Trust Company has an established reputation for company secretarial work in relation to both UK and offshore companies. Accurate and timely company secretarial work is today vital in order to avoid extensive penalties for non-compliance units.

Director Services. We can provide UK-resident directors for UK companies that require a UK or EU tax treaty, or the benefits of other forms of bi-lateral or multi-lateral agreements involving the UK.

UK Tax Compliance. We can act as a UK company's tax agent in the UK, dealing with all HMRC enquiry forms, undertaking the company's corporation tax computations, and preparing and filing its corporation tax return. Offshore companies investing in UK assets often require this service e.g. to file ATED returns or NRCGT returns.

Statutory AccountsJordans Trust Company can draw up statutory accounts for any UK entity for a fixed fee, based on the turnover of the company's business. We can also prepare accounts for offshore companies to satisfy their regulatory or statutory needs.

Other Accounting ServicesOur Accounting Services can include book-keeping and other financial administration services, such as: invoice production, maintenance of sales, purchase and other ledgers, payroll administration (including preparation of monthly payslips, and settling PAYE due to HMRC), management accounting and credit control services. These services can be made available to both UK and offshore companies.

Audit. Where turnover, net asset or employee numbers exceed certain thresholds, UK companies, LLPs and some UK partnerships, must have their statutory accounts audited. We can arrange the services of auditors familiar with UK companies operating in an international environment..

VAT. We can VAT register UK companies and UK LLP's and administer their monthly or quarterly VAT compliance obligations.

Banking ServicesWe can assist with the opening of bank accounts on behalf of UK or offshore companies, either in the UK or overseas. We can then operate such accounts as part of our overall management services.

Nominee Shareholder Services. We can provide UK-registered corporate nominees to hold shares in UK companies on behalf of individuals, companies or trusts. As these services provide confidentiality in some circumstances, we will need to understand the reasons for such confidentiality and be satisfied that these are legitimate.

Tax Planning GuidanceWe have a wealth of experience in offshore and international tax planning. We are skilled at managing multi-jurisdiction corporate and trust structures, which can be established for a variety of legitimate purposes.

UK Trust ServicesJordans Trust Company Limited can provide a UK professional trustee to act for UK and non-UK settlors. We can provide discretionary trustee services as well as custodian services.

Agent for Service of Legal Process. Non-UK companies which enter into agreements subject to UK law must provide an address in the UK at which legal process documents or other notices issued by the UK courts can be served on them. In such situations, Jordans Trust Company Limited can act as the UK agent for service of legal process, or "process agent" as it is sometimes called.

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