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Seychelles offshore company formation

Seychelles International Business Companies (IBCs) are based on flexible user-friendly corporate legislation and proportionate administration and filing requirements. Seychelles IBCs are incorporated under the Seychelles International Business Companies Act 1994.

The Seychelles is an attractive jurisdiction for offshore incorporations, with a stable, yet independent, political and economic climate. Success in the global corporate services market has enabled Seychelles to steadily develop more value-added areas of offshore business.

For advice on the Seychelles as an offshore jurisdiction for your company or initial guidance on any of our Seychelles services, please complete the enquiry form below and one of our Corporate & Trust Planning Consultants will contact you shortly.

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Other services from our Seychelles office

DirectorsJordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited provide full director and management services in the Seychelles for International Business Companies (IBCs), Special License Companies (CSLs) and other foreign-registered companies (e.g. BVI companies). Our director services ensure that your offshore company maintains its tax exempt status in the Seychelles.

Nominee Shareholders. Jordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited provide corporate shareholders to hold shares under the terms of a declaration of trust in favour of the beneficial owner of the structure. 

TrustsTrusts are created in the Seychelles under the Seychelles International Trusts Act 1994 or under another appropriate law (e.g Jersey law). Trusts are exempt from tax in Seychelles, and offer considerable tax and succession benefits for high net worth families.

FoundationsSeychelles has a modern Foundations Act based on the Liechtenstein model. A Foundation is a body corporate without members and is similar in effect to a trust (a Foundation can be likened to a "corporate trust"). The Foundation appeals particularly to practitioners and their clients in civil law countries.

Trustee Services. Where robust tax and succession planning is required, Jordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited will provide trustees to own the shares of the company and arrange the drafting of the appropriate trust instrument. The International Trusts Act includes anti forced heirship provisions, which are particularly attractive to Middle Eastern and Asian clients.

Tax AdviceJordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited can provide comprehensive international tax advice through our UK head office in Bristol. This advice is always available to our offshore clients in Seychelles.

AccountingWe can provide full accounting, tax compliance and bookkeeping services for Seychelles companies and trusts via our UK office. This advice is always available to our offshore clients in Seychelles. There are no restrictions on the residence of shareholders or directors of Seychelles International Business Companies (IBCs) and therefore local individuals or companies may own and manage IBCs entirely free of local taxation (corporation tax on local companies is 40%). The only restriction placed on IBCs is that they may not trade within the Seychelles or own fixed property in Seychelles.

Special Licence Companies. Special Licence Companies (known as CSLs after the governing legislation – The Special License Act) are locally managed companies that are subject to a minimal (1.5%) rate of corporation tax, which in turn grants access to the Seychelles network of double taxation treaties. CSLs are used for inward investment to treaty states such as China.

Jordans Trust Company (Seychelles) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.

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