Holding Companies

Jersey Companies can be advantageous used as a holding company for international groups. The international banks are becoming more sensitive to the place of incorporation of holding and finance companies. This is an important consideration for holding companies that will undertake significant group finance services (such as treasury management). A Jersey holding company is therefore an ideal choice for multinational groups.

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There are many other reasons why a Jersey company should  be considered for "parenting" international groups:

  • Jersey is a blue-chip financial centre, with the highest rating from the Global Financial Centres Index amongst offshore financial centres.
  • There is no Jersey taxation on income or capital gains.
  • There are no withholding taxes in Jersey on dividends, interest or royalties paid to non-Jersey resident shareholders of Jersey companies.
  • There is no stamp duty payable on the transfer or issue of shares in a Jersey company.
  • Jersey company law is modern and flexible.
  • Substantial legal, accounting, investment and banking professional infrastructure in Jersey.
  • Jersey companies are often used for IPO's.



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