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Jordans Trust Company have set up a company formation and management operation in Hong Kong in response to various International developments including:
  • Erosion of banking confidentiality in Switzerland for legitimate, law-abiding clients
  • Loss of confidence in the banking sectors of certain Eurozone countries including Cyprus, Malta, Madeira and Ireland
  • Perceived anti-business policies of the OECD and EU
  • The continued growth of the Chinese economy
  • Hong Kong's rapid success in developing a network of International double tax treaties
  • Hong Kong's low corporate tax rate of 16.5%
  • Hong Kong's adherence to the territorial concept of taxation which means that it is possible to incorporate Hong Kong companies that are resident in Hong Kong but which are not liable to tax in Hong Kong because their profits, whether of a trading or investment nature, are derived from activities situated outside Hong Kong.
Uses of Hong Kong Companies
  • An investment holding companies
  • As international trading companies
  • As international IP companies
  • As vehicles for acquiring interests in Chinese enterprises

    - In this regard Hong Kong is a gateway into China and in particular for the acquisition of Chinese enterprises. 
    - The use of a Hong Kong company can provide a tax-efficient and secure "exit" strategy for the sales of shares in a Chinese company.
    - As a purchasing company- particularly for buying finished goods from the Chinese mainland. Chinese suppliers sometimes insist on foreign companies buying their Chinese goods via a Hong Kong company to simplify Chinese due diligence and export procedures.

Key benefits of Hong Kong include: 

  • Territorial tax base
  • 16.5% Corporation tax for Hong Kong resident companies
  • Exemption from tax on foreign dividend income
  • Exemptions from withholding taxes out outbound foreign dividends
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No withholding tax on interest and dividend payments
  • Growing network of double taxation agreements

Registered Office and Agent Services

We can make available a Hong Kong registered office for your company enabling you to have a permanent postal address for your business. All correspondence received at the registered office is treated confidentially and promptly forwarded.

Accounting Services

Jordans can draw up statutory accounts for Hong Kong companies. 

Nominee Shareholder Facilities

We can provide Hong Kong registered corporate nominees to hold shares on behalf of individuals, companies or trusts, in order to preserve confidentiality.

Director Services

We provide professional directors for both resident and non-resident Hong Kong companies.

Full Company Administration Services

Jordans can provide comprehensive administration services for commercially active Hong Kong companies. This includes the opening and operation of bank accounts, fax and mail forwarding services, invoicing and bookkeeping services.

Opening and Operation of Bank Accounts

We have excellent relationships with many leading banks. We can open corporate bank accounts promptly upon receipt of necessary due diligence on the company participators. 

Company Secretarial Services

Jordans can provide a company secretary for your Hong Kong company. Accurate and timely company secretarial work is vital to the successful implementation of international tax planning arrangements involving Hong Kong companies.

International Tax Planning Advice

Our Head Office in the UK provides high quality international tax advice and its services are available to clients of Jordans (Hong Kong) Limited, should these be required.

Agent for Service of Legal Process

Jordans Trust Company will act as a Hong Kong Agent to receive services of notices, proceedings or documents on behalf of a third party.

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