Cyprus Companies

The offshore companies and trusts are well-established concepts in Cyprus and have been widely used in international tax planning and succession planning for the last 20 years. As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus offers a secure, well-regulated financial environment for international clients to incorporate companies and place the shares of such companies into trusts. The favourable tax regime offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates within the EU.

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Tax Rates

Cyprus Companies are subject to the lowest tax rate in Europe.

Tax Exemption

Cyprus Companies and the Cyprus tax exemption from overseas dividends.

Foreign Branch Profits

Cyprus companies are not taxed on the profits of their foreign permanent establishments, which are wholly exempt from Cyprus taxation.

Withholding Taxes

A key attraction of the Cyprus company is that various distributions can be made from Cyprus companies to non-residents of Cyprus (e.g. offshore parent companies) free of Cyprus withholding taxes.

Thin Capitalisation

A company is said to be thinly capitalised if it is substantially capitalised by way of loans from its parent company in proportion to its equity share capital.

Double Taxation Treaty

Cyprus companies can benefit from a large number of double taxation conventions as well as various EU Directives.

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