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Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited provides unrivalled expertise in registering and administering corporate and trust structures. We can give advice on using Cyprus as an offshore jurisdiction and can give guidance on any of our Cyprus services.

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Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited

Cyprus companies have been widely used in international tax planning and succession planning for the last 20 years. As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus offers a secure, well-regulated financial environment for international clients to incorporate companies.

For advice on using Cyprus as a jurisdiction for your company, or for initial guidance on any of our Cyprus services, please complete the enquiry form below and one of our Corporate and Trust Planning Consultants will contact you shortly.

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Services from our Cyprus office

Company formation
We incorporate Cyprus companies from scratch and have stocks of ready-made companies, as well as pre-approved names.

Registered office services
We can make available a Cyprus registered office for your Cyprus incorporated company. This will offer you a permanent address for when you register your company.

Director services
Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited can provide resident and non-resident directors for Cyprus companies.

With resident directors in Cyprus, a company will be able to benefit from Cyprus' fiscal regimes, as well as seek advantages under double taxation treaty provisions, where residence and place of effective management are key concepts. Use of Cyprus directors can also secure EU Treaty benefits for the company's participators.

Nominee shareholder facilities
We can provide resident corporate nominees to hold shares on behalf of individuals, companies or trusts, in order to preserve a degree of confidentiality.

Company secretarial services
Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited can provide a company secretary for your Cyprus company once it's been incorporated. Accurate and timely company filings and general governance are essential for any Cyprus company when dealing with its legal obligations in Cyprus with both the Cyprus Registrar of Companies and Cyprus Tax Office.

Mail forwarding
All electronic and paper correspondence received is reviewed in the strictest confidence, with arrangements being made to forward the corespondence to clients, if required.

Opening and Operation of Bank Accounts
Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited has excellent relationships with leading banks both within and outside of Cyprus. We can open corporate bank accounts promptly on receipt of the necessary due diligence required by our banking partners.

Accounting / auditing
It is mandatory under Cyprus law that audited financial statements for your company are filed on an annual basis, by a local auditor. Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited works with numerous accounting and audit firms and is well placed to recommend one of our partners in accordance with the company's requirements.

VAT Registration
Cyprus, being an EU Member State, has implemented the Sixth Directive 2006/112/EC and with certain activities being subject to VAT (19%). Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) Limited are able to advise on taxable cross-border transactions and subsequently assist with VAT registration in Cyprus, if required.

Jordans Trust Company (Cyprus) is a member of the Cyprus Fiduciary Association.

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