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BVI Capital: Share capital provisions.

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The BVI Business Companies Act provides BVI companies with great flexibility concerning share capital structures and arrangements;

  • shares may be divided into different classes with different rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions;
  • shares in a BVI company may be redeemable;
  • shares in a BVI company may confer no or preferential rights to dividends;
  • shares in a BVI company may confer no voting rights, or special, limited or conditional voting rights;
  • a BVI company may issue bonus shares, partly paid and nil paid shares;
  • shares may be issued with or without par value;
  • bearer shares may be issued, but only if the company's constitution so authorises, and there are significant mobility restrictions governing bearer shares, so that, for example, they must be held by a small class of approved custodians within or outside the BVI.

Jordans Trust Company can advise on share capital formation for BVI companies on a case-by-case basis.

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