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The British Virgin Islands is by far the most popular jurisdiction in the world for International Business Companies (IBCs). Our office provides an excellent professional infrastructure and a high quality, personal and responsive level of service.

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If you want advice on the best jurisdiction for your company formation or initial guidance on your case, you can speak to one of our experts. One of our Corporate & Trust Planning Consultants will be in touch with you to give you all the information you need. Or you can click the second button below to start setting up your BVI company right away.

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Professional Introducers

Under BVI law and regulation, regulated professional intermediaries from jurisdictions that have anti-money laundering legislation consistent with CFATF and FATF Recommendations, can apply to us for "Introducer Status". Legislation introduced in 2016 will require introducers to provide the particulars of the beneficial owners of the BVI company before the end of 2016.


Rules relating to disclosure of directors on a directors register have recently been introduced. The register is not public, but is accessible by law enforcement authorities.

Legal Advice

Where an offshore company enters into a major cross border transaction, it is likely that legal opinions will be required from a lawyer resident in the territory of incorporation. Jordans Trust Company can organise these for you.

Board Meetings

Where offshore professional directors are utilised with a view to creating a BVI company that is a fiscal or tax non-resident of the country of the shareholder or ultimate beneficial owner of the company, it is very important to ensure that such fiscal or tax non-residence is realistically achievable. The goal is corporate tax residence in a tax-neutral jurisdiction such as the BVI (or some other offshore jurisdiction). For this to happen, the directors must conduct an appropriate degree of management and control, and the company must conduct genuine economic activity through the directors appointed.

Tax Exemption

Under statute law in the BVI a BVI company is exempt from all taxes provided for under the Income Tax Ordinance.

Share Capital

The BVI company provides great flexibility in creating a share capital structure, to suit the needs of the shareholders and the business of the BVI company.

Transfer to BVI

Any non-BVI registered company can continue its existence in the BVI under provisions of the Business Companies Act, provided that it is not insolvent or in the process of liquidation. Under BVI law such a foreign company continues its legal existence subject to the laws of the BVI.

Records and Reporting

Corporate records and financial statements. The BVI pioneered the concept of a user-friendly offshore corporate vehicle. Bureaucracy is kept to a minimum, but nevertheless the BVI company must maintain directors, shareholders and beneficial owners records in the BVI, there are significant fines and penalties for non-compliance.

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