Why an offshore company?

Offshore companies are incorporated for a wide variety of legitimate use: to own residential, investment, and commercial property; to own patents and trademarks; to own shares in "onshore" operating and holding companies; to acquire portfolio investments or to acquire assets where confidentiality of ownership is required. Our offshore locations in the UK, The British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Seychelles reflect the importance and popularity of these territories as offshore corporate domiciles.

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Ownership of onshore companies

Offshore companies are often used as holding companies because of their ability to hold assets, and realise income and gains from such assets in a tax neutral environment.

Portfolio Investment

Offshore companies are frequently used by private investors to consolidate ownership of portfolio investments.


The use of offshore companies in order to provide confidentiality of ownership of valuable assets is a perfectly legitimate activity.

Owning Property

Advice should be sought from a professional tax advisor in the country where the property is situated before incorporating an offshore company to acquire residential, investment or commercial property.

Patents Trademarks

Offshore companies as owners of patents, trademarks and other IP.