Director Services

Jordans Trust Company provides experienced and qualified in-house UK directors for a variety of UK corporate structures.

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Our director services are designed to enable UK holding companies and SPVs to qualify for UK tax treaty benefits where required and to provide legitimate confidentiality for shareholders and company promoters.

Jordans Trust Company provides professional director services in the following jurisdictions:

  • UK
  • Jersey
  • BVI
  • Cyprus
  • Seychelles
  • Hong Kong
  • Mauritius

In the UK, we provide UK resident directors for UK companies and sometimes also for offshore companies. UK companies may require to be tax resident in the UK to benefit from UK double taxation conventions which mitigate the international double taxation of profits in multinational groups.

Alternatively, the shareholders of a UK company may require third parties such as Jordans to manage the business of their company in order to maintain the confidentiality of company promoters for legitimate commercial reasons. Provided we understand the reasons for requiring confidentiality, and provided that those not wishing to be disclosed on public registers of the company are not "persons with significant control" or PSCs (thus requiring them to be disclosed on a UK company's PSC register since 6 April 2016, which is available for public inspection), Jordans Trust Company can assist in organising confidentiality arrangements.

Jordans can provide UK directors for client companies subject to a comprehensive understanding of the reasons our services are required, and the readiness of the ultimate beneficial owners to permit our UK directors to exercise proper management and control of the company's activities.

Offshore companies may sometimes wish to migrate tax residence into the UK. This will normally arise in the context of multinational group tax mitigation planning, and is something we are happy to assist with subject to a comprehensive understanding of the reasons our services our required and the ability of our directors to exercise properly their management and control functions.

Offshore directorships

The same principles apply to our offshore directorships. Subject to understanding the underlying business activity, and having proper management and control over these activities, our offshore director services provide legitimate benefits for our clients.

As a group we maintain a proportionate number of in-house directorships, consistent with our policies and principles of sound corporate governance. All our director services are regulated in the territories in which we operate.

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