Corporate Governance Services

Once your company is set up, our dedicated support team of corporate administrators will take care of the day to day running and management of your corporate structures. They offer advice on governance procedures and a range of essential services for both UK & offshore companies.

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Corporate Admin

Let Jordans help you with your filing, bookkeeping, statutory registers and regular annual general meetings. Our company secretarial service takes the hassle out of corporate administration.

Service Address

It's a legal requirement to have an address for the public record. Let us act as the official correspondence address of a director, shareholder, secretary, LLP member or person of significant control.

Virtual Office Service

Setting up a virtual office with Jordans can help your company get off the ground. We provide communications, a forwarding address and telephone number. This provides a legal presence and official contact location for your company.

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Company Secretarial

We have an established reputation for company secretarial work for both UK and offshore companies. Our specialist approach can help you navigate and implement international tax planning structures.

Registered Office Only

Our registered office service ensures that all electronic and paper correspondence is treated confidentially and promptly forwarded to an address of your choice.

Commercial Mail Forwarding

Use our commercial mail forwarding address for timely and reliable mail forwarding. Simply tell us where you want your correspondence sent and we'll take care of it for you.

Nominee Shareholder

We can provide UK registered corporate nominees to hold shares in UK companies on behalf of individuals, companies or trusts.

Director Services

We provide director services across a broad range of jurisdictions, that provide you with legitimate, trusted tax benefits.

Telephone & Fax Redirection

Use our telephone and fax redirection service to ensure important messages are reliably forwarded to telephone numbers specified by you.


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