Company Bank Account services and Financial Administration

Open a business bank account with Jordans Trust Company.

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Would you like Jordans Trust Company to open and manage your company bank account? 

Finding and managing a corporate or business bank account can be time-consuming and complex. Jordans offers business bank account services designed to keep the administrative burden away from you and your management team.

We can help you through the bank account opening application process. You can trust our procedures and the safeguards built into them to prevent your accounts being abused. All of our business bank account services offer ongoing support by phone and online.

Who can open a business bank account via Jordans?

Jordans Trust Company Limited can assist with new bank account applications, either in the UK or overseas, for cases where we are providing professional director services and authorised bank signatories. We can assist both UK and offshore companies.

If you wish to manage the company and/or account directly it will be necessary to liaise directly with the bank of your designation. We are able to make introductions or recommendations in some cases.

What does business banking and financial administration include?

  • Helping prepare due diligence documents for bank account opening applications.
  • Provision of authorized signatories on the bank mandate.
  • Giving instructions to the bank to carry out transfers.
  • Maintenance of bank statements.

We tailor each banking service package to suit your needs.


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