Jason Reader

Associate Director, Corporate & Trust Planning Unit

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21 St Thomas Street
Bristol, BS1 6JS

Jason Reader


Jason joined Jordans in 1992 and is an Associate Director of the Corporate and Trust Planning Unit.

He has worked within various operations of Jordans business, however for the last 17 years he has been working closely with Martin Palmer in Jordans Trust Company Limited. Jason has therefore gained 17 years technical experience in offshore corporate trust services and can advise on a wide variety of planning structures involving many jurisdictions. Jason has also spoken at several of Jordans conferences with particular emphasis on the use of UK structures in international tax planning arrangements.

Jason has responsibility for developing business and relationships in the regions of the UK, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, but in addition also heads up the Corporate and Trust Planning Unit in Bristol that supports the implementation of new UK and offshore structures.

The right environment for international business

By 2015 the UK Government plans to make the UK’s corporation tax the lowest in the G7, and joint lowest in the G20. Currently it is 21%. By April 2015 it will be 20% – the lowest it’s been in the UK.  According to the Government Guide to Taxation the UK has consistently attracted more company headquarter operations than any other European location. Open for business The...

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