Offshore companies owning UK residential property:

New UK tax considerations in 2018

There has been a long history of acquisitions of UK residential property via offshore companies by non-UK resident investors. Since 2012 the UK tax advantages of offshore corporate ownership have reduced. Our comprehensive white paper examines the loss of these benefits and how, arguably, ATED can be considered a voluntary tax.

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We’ll soon have a new name

Early in the New Year we’ll be known as Vistra.

We are welcoming a very exciting time for our company. Vistra isn’t just about a new name, it’s about bringing together all our strengths and services under one global identity – so that we can offer your business more opportunities to grow through access to an expanding suite of services.

You’ll also be happy to hear that we’re definitely not saying goodbye to the expertise and personal service that you’ve become accustomed to.

So say ‘hello’ to Vistra.

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UK company enquiry

We provide a full range of services including: UK company formation & administration, UK director services, accounting services, & UK nominee shareholder services.

Incorporation of UK companies

Jordans Trust Company are experts in creating & managing UK and offshore companies & trusts.

More about UK companies

With UK corporation tax rates falling to 20% (2015), UK companies are an attractive offshore vehicle for the tax-efficient international business.

Director services

Our director services are designed to enable UK holding companies & SPVs to qualify for UK tax treaty benefits & to provide legitimate confidentiality for shareholders.


BVI company

The British Virgin Islands is by far the most popular jurisdiction in the world for International Business Companies (IBCs).

Cyprus company

As a full member of the European Union, Cyprus offers a secure, well-regulated financial environment for international clients to incorporate companies.

Seychelles company

We can give advice on using the Seychelles as a jurisdiction & can also give initial guidance on any of our Seychelles services.

See all offshore companies

We have extensive knowledge of international structures & plenty of experience in managing multi-jurisdictional businesses for tax planning & dividend routing.


Jersey trusts

Jersey is one of the world's leading trust jurisdictions. It is modern trust legislation & extensive expertise in trusts make Jersey a perfect location to establish a trust.

Cyprus international trusts

Cyprus International Trusts enjoy important tax advantages, providing significant tax planning possibilities to settlors & beneficiaries.

Seychelles trusts

The trust legislation in the Seychelles means that trusts established there provide strong asset protection benefits.

See all trusts and foundations

We can provide UK, Jersey & Seychelles Trusts. In the British Virgin Islands we establish & act as trustees on VISTA trusts (Virgin Islands Special Trust Acts).


Order a process agent

When you appoint Jordans as your Process Agent or Agent for Service of Legal Process (ASLP), any legal notices your business is served will be handled quickly, professionally & with the minimal fuss.

Your process agent service

Let us take care of everything from simple appointment letters to ensuring that any notices are guaranteed to reach you – fast.

What is a process agent?

If two or more parties enter into a legal agreement under the jurisdiction of the UK courts & one or more of those parties has no address within the UK, a Process Agent may be appointed.

Process agent FAQs

Find out more about how Jordans Trust Company's Process Agent service works by reading our frequently asked questions.


Offshore tax planning and advice

Jordans Trust Company provides tax, accounting and legal support to its UK and Offshore corporate & trusts structures as well as tax planning advice.

Double taxation treaties

...are a vital part of international tax planning. The aim of which is the avoidance of double taxation of business profits in the course of international trade & for individuals, the avoidance of double taxation of personal income.

OECD model tax convention

The OECD Model Tax Convention is the basis on which all tax treaties are negotiated & implemented by the OECD countries. It is a model agreement to which an accompanying commentary is provided as an aid to interpretation.

Cross-border transactions

Jordans Trust Company can provide international tax planning advice concerning cross-border arrangements involving UK companies owned by UK resident & non-UK-resident clients.


Statutory accounts

Jordans Trust Company Limited will ensure that your accounts are up-to-date. Use us to interpret the regulations laid out in the Companies Act for you & your company.

Tax agent for corporation tax

Appoint us as your authorised tax agent and let us manage your relationship with HMRC & Customs. Our reliable service will mean your tax affairs will become one less issue for you to deal with.

VAT registration and administration

Jordans Trust Company are able to provide a complete VAT registration service, one of the most complex tax regimes imposed on business.

See all accounting services

Our range of accounting services ensure that UK or non-UK structures formed for our clients remain compliant with UK Tax, VAT legislation & tax planning advice we / your advisors have given.



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